Mars Race

the mission for our humanity

The research on human behaviour where scarcity rules

We are proud to announce Mars Race, a game that has been in development the past three years. By a team of ten working all hours of the day to realize a dream to go beyond the stars.

As close as it gets

Game uses real world nomenclatures as defined by USGS Planetary Nomenclature association. It is time you pick your Martian home. You will be in charge of generating electicity, gathering water to produce fuel. And finnaly make you own greenhouse for food production.

To assist you in this task you will need to create the first intelligent martian life. Artificial intelligence will be the primary driving force for your success. Upgrading and training these for gathering resources will be their primary function. While you make sure that the base is running smoothly.

Conflicts will occur where struggle for survival is the key.

Martians Daily Routine

The hard facts of living in a wasteland of scarcity and cruel nature of life.

Stake Your Claim

Build a new civilization on Mars for future generations. Harvest the power of the sun and generate electricity. Mine for water by beaming microwaves at the soil and extracting the water vapor so you can generate fuel and build green houses.

Generation Robot

Civilization on Mars will be fully automated with next generation robots. With artificial intelligence as leading technology we can simplify maintainance and management

Recyling at any Cost

Important resources like electricity, water, fuel and oxygen will be the sought after by everyone. Any recycling method will do.

Protect Resources

In the harsh Martian environment life is going to be hard. Be it for human or mechanical. Here robots rule the world. Place defences strategically.